October 29, 2006
ttc will never be the same

Yesterday was the big ol’ Fall TTC Knitalong. As with most of the knitting events I frequent, this one was too much fun for a mere mortal. Beryl is a kickawesome team leader: gentle, good advice, and crazy for singing in public. I knew about half the ladies on my team, and the sisterhood of the pointy stick took care of the rest. By the second stop we were all united in our love of yarn, with no other distractions like social awkwardness. I went pig-wild in Romni, picking up skeins for vague reasons and indulging in impulse items like pink bulky yarn with no plan. I try very hard to shop with a list of projects, but yesterday I just threw that caution to the wind. I didn’t go completely stupid; I stayed away from the really high-priced stuff (hello Handmaiden!) and I didn’t buy more than two balls of any one thing, but for me this was a Bacchanalian revel. I also managed to finish a whole bootie in my travels, so there was some real knitting done in between the fibre acquisition.

I tore myself away from the rabble at 1 p.m. so that I could meet the Bat Masterson theatre group for a matinee of “Wicked.” I was much more excited about this in June, when I was motivated purely by my desire to see the hit musical of the book I had so enjoyed. Yesterday I was thinking of throwing my ticket in the gutter and rabbling on. But I didn’t, and although I revisited the wisdom of watching my ticket float downstream 15 minutes into the first act, there were up-sides to the second part of my day.

Reasons why seeing “Wicked” wasn’t a complete Waste of Time:

  1. I liked the opportunity to get to know my new staffmates. They’re good people: interesting and smart and kind.
  2. I had an excellently greasy dinner at The Pickle Barrel, and really, when else am I going to go to such a touristy place? (Although I would prefer a whole pickle with my order instead of a spear, Pickle Barrel. Don’t skimp on the pickles. I know where you live.)
  3. I stopped spending crazy amounts of money on yarn.
  4. I got to show off crazy amounts of yarn to people who didn’t know that yarn could be so pretty (and a few who did, and knew what they were looking at)
  5. I satisfied my curiosity. I loved the book; people loved the musical, and now I know that you can’t do both.
  6. It allowed me to practice tact so that I didn’t ruin everyone else’s time. Although some of it did bleed out; they knew I wasn’t happy and they’re all teachers. They can handle (some of) the truth.
  7. Now that I’ve seen “Wicked,” there isn’t a chance in hell that the Boy can drag me to “Pippin.” So I just saved 200 bucks and 3 hours of my life.

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