October 30, 2006
every day (this week) = hallowe'en

This morning I decided to take advantage of the season and get all goth-ulated for work. This is a great week for me: I can wear the weirdest stuff in my closet and people just assume that I’m being spirited. Today it was entirely Stacy-derived: a black babydoll dress originally loaned in my pregnancy, and black tights with skulls & bones printed all over. And of course today was the fall pep rally, so I got to be the bored goth girl at the fringes of pep yet again. Some things never change.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge. I was going to play the vampire card, as I’m allowed to play it once whenever I switch jobs. But I’m getting bored with the idea and I’m not into the idea of wearing the fishnets & garter belt to work. So maybe a vampire bunny or a vampire bee. That could be fun.

"I'm a mummy. I use beees." - "I Feel Sick," Vasquez

Blake’s costume is a loan from Maeve: a Buzz Lightyear outfit that is the culmination of Blake’s long fascination with rocket ships. I was going to get bitchy and insist that he wear the monkey, but he had such a good time at church yesterday that I can’t bring myself to force him into the monkey suit. Maybe the next child will be more compliant.

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