November 03, 2006
64: tiny sweaters n' socks!

For the church's annual Christmas Bazaar, I thought I should share some of the knitting love. And when I got Last Minute Knitted Gifts, I knew that the mini stocking & sweater pattern was going to be my chance.

These were knit over the last three weeks or so out of odds & ends. The yarn for the big stocking is Patons Classic Merino that first appeared in Henry Rollins' pants & the Anarchy hat respectively. The yarn for the little stocking is Patons Kroy that was purchased for Little Spider's zombie pulse warmer. The biggest sweater is Anarchy Hat Classic Merino yarn with Peace Fleece embellishements from the Blake's in-progress sweater. The middle sweater is green yarn (DGB Confort) from the turtle placket-neck sweater with white & black Patons Kroy for embroidery. And the littlest plain sweater is the Koigu PPPM sock yarn I love so much.

I hope they sell. I hope people like them.

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