November 04, 2006
life of pie

I've been sorta sick & sorta sorry for myself over the past few days; hence, no diary entries. I like to give everyone a break when I'm in those moods. Grumpy is one thing; grumpy & inarticulate are quite another.

Blake, of course, is sick as well. But it's almost nice having him a little under the weather. I've fallen into a nice routine with him during his illness. We've been watching Toy Story 2 a little more than I'd like, but I can accept it if repeated viewings will keep him happy in lieu of Tylenol.

Blake's a very routinized kid: he likes things to be the same wherever he goes. For example, no one is allowed to switch seats at the dinner table, even if that seat is free (he's been known to go into hysterics if Nic sits in the Boy's seat instead of the more-typical dining room chair.) My parents tell me that when he goes to Playschool he takes off his coat, gets his nametag & finds his favourite toy (a tennis ball). And for a long time, upstairs with my dad was "fun" and downstairs was tempting forbidden computers and bedtime, i.e. "not fun." But while he's been sick, he's developed the need for cuddling. (Not in the way that a cuddly child would go about it; Blake cuddles like he does everything, which is in short bursts.) This means that Mommy is back on the fun list, as Mommy will drop everything to cuddle. Mommy will even put down her knitting if Blake climbs into her lap.

On Thursday night I lay down with him in my bed. The lights were dim, a story was read, and Blake was quietly surrendering to sleep. Every once in awhile he would open his eyes and smile at me before relaxing again. It was quite possibly the greatest moment in parenting since he was a newborn.

"I wished I lived a Life of Pi. I'd be eating pie all the time."
- one of my 11 Willows

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