October 19, 2006
the hard times

"And this little weirdo would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times. You know, the kind that are only sort of hot so they don't mess around with other guys." - strongbad, "different town"

The best thing about yesterday is that I’ll never have to live through it again. I dunno. I don’t hate the Hard Times after they’ve passed. I usually look back on them with a peculiar masochistic gratitude for all the valuable lessons. Without the Hard Times, I never would have learned to keep my fool mouth shut when I’m having a bad day. Without the Hard Times, I never would have learned that I’m incapable of handling more than one romantic relationship at a time. Without the Hard Times, I never would have understood the importance of lacing my skirt as tight as it goes.

I’m not sure what I learned from yesterday. Maybe I learned to have more faith in the kindness of others; my lunch club all choked down that cannelloni with no complaints, and later the Boy & my dad polished off the leftovers. Maybe I learned that I treat my parents like a boss, avoiding conflict with forced civility. This means that I don’t call them on their irritating habits, but it also means that I swallow more rage than is good for me.

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