July 22, 2006
monkey business

I bought two of these buttons today when I was at a street festival in Parkdale. I also bought three of these for my classroom. Can you guess which ones??

I also bought a sockmonkey, the first I've ever owned. I hope to make one of my own this winter. This one is electric blue with hot pink skulls and scattered crossbones. The eyes are pink buttons, and there are hot pink eyelashes. "This one is a girl," the vendor said. "I can cut off the eyelashes." I was thrilled to be able to refuse. Blake is allowed and encouraged to play with girls, even when they come in the form of big strange sock monkeys.

Yesterday I started knitting Alice's Lace Wings pattern in my Seasilk. The irony? I have this lace pattern memorized already. They just started selling the patterns at Lettuce Knit, and I bought mine on Wednesday when I went out to the SnB. (I was going to wait until I left, but I started seeing them in everyone's bag. It was like a run on the bank right before the Depression; I panicked and bought mine right away. Now I'm wondering if it was worth it.)

Aw, heck. I know it's worth it. I've never made a shawl before; this pattern is a 65% guarantee that if I don't f. it up too bad, I'll have a pretty shawl to wear to St. Stephen's wedding in September, and I'll have it in my single skein of Seasilk. So even if I don't lose very much weight, the magical properties of the yarn will keep me happy.

Yep. That's my irrational hope and I'm sticking to it.

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