July 11, 2006
my new friends are all adults / and my old friends all have scattered

Day 2 of stupid, stupid reality. I’m getting real depressed. We’ve lost several important items during the trip, including one toddler sandal, my Sockapaloooza socks and a souvenir tugboat that may need to be replaced by mail this week. My parents have been in a bad mood the entire time since we’ve returned (or maybe I’m just joining a bad mood already in progress), and despite the amazing new round of storage devices I purchased this afternoon, this place continues to be an unholy mess. Blake is still very materials-focused, and has spent a good part of the day whining whenever my parents are around. Second babies continue to be born, and here’s me still not pregnant (and with a partner completely uninterested in the idea of a second child). Oh, and a toddler group got together in the last few weeks – never mind that I didn’t have time for anything other than marking-reporting-packing during the entire month of June, I still feel lonely and lame. And I lost my reserve with Amy (EoK), and she’s writing that I scare her. So everything is all fucked up.

I’m going to knit my lace anklets and sulk. Probably won’t fit, either.

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