July 13, 2006
run away (and write sad things in your notebook)

I had to escape my house today, as the ongoing stress of being around my mother was about to be compounded with the stress of being around my grandmother. Plan #1 - go downtown and shop with Scherezade – was torpedoes by her inexplicable presence in Milan. (Boo! Come back to Canada, International Justice Girl!) Plan #2 – go downtown and have lunch with Dirk and/or Stacy – was torpedoed by personal problems on the other two corners of that triangle. (I’d like to see them to commiserate, but neither seem ready for my shoulder yet.) So we’re on to Plan #3 – run away!!

I’ve washed ashore at the library, which was fine enough during my one hour of computer time, but now I’ve been supplanted by 8 year olds dropping pixelated bombs on Saigon & it’s back to the pen and paper for me. Sigh. I was getting a lot written, too. So now I have a few choices: go to the mall for a healthy lunch and some boring, lonely shopping, or find another PC somewhere, or sit under a tree and knit, or stay at this table until my eyeballs dry up and fall out. Hmm. I choose Buzz Lightyear.

But before I go chase down a tuna pita, I’ll share some stories about yesterday. Yesterday was an epoch-making day in the Rockethome, for not only were we able to sort n’ store a great deal of accumulated baby kibble into lovely new boxes, we were able to follow through on goal #4: we took the rails off Blake’s crib, thus changing the baby containment unit to a genyouwine toddla bed.

isn’t this a swank set-up?! I was even able to re-hang his bee mirror and spruce up the blanket storage at the foot of the bed. Su-weet.

If you’ll recall, I was anxious about this step, but the vacation was a perfect entry point to this move. The entire time we were in Nova Gothic (and travelling), Blake slept near but not in the bed and we often had to gently dissuade him from joining us. Last night he slept through with no visits and no problems; my only worry is that we’re going to have to re-train his time out behaviour, as his naughty spot was dependant on his confinement to the crib. Now, not so much. Still, this is a very good thing, and it feels overdue. As the Boy said last night, during the last few months the crib was more for our peace of mind than his.

And now, gotta run down that pita.

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