July 15, 2006
yarn sniffing for all!

Let the summer begin!

I don’t know how it happened, but I managed to enjoy myself yesterday. Yeah, there was a break in the misery clouds. It helps that I was at the Drunken Knitters Circle, always a good time and often an excellent one. (At the risk of invoking giggles, it was awesome.)

I got very little knitting done (and despite the encouragement from Amy (EoK) & David D, I’ll have to frog what I did knit because I can see the mistake now), but that’s probably because I came on time and drank more than I usually do. Cheryl was there (yay!) and we were able to compare notes on potty training. I also had fun whoring my vacation yarn about, because no one understands my love for the Lucy Neatby sock yarn but other knitters. They get that it’s my happy place.

And Amy said that my ass is cute, so what more do you want in an evening? The woman runs a popular online magazine, so I guess I have to believe her.

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