July 10, 2006
*thank* *god*

Ever since I ran out of yarn in Kentville while knitting Pixie's present, I've been waiting and waiting to use the no-yarn cast off that Stephanie explains here. Unfortunately, the day after I finished the knitting, the power went out, and with it, our host's internet. Having only 2 inches of yarn left, I decided to be patient and wait until I had the instructions in front of me. This has meant that every time I wanted to work on the other stocking, I had to transfer the finished stocking to a free needle (usually the Boy's new swanky Brittany*). And whenever it was my turn to drive (much more frequent since he found a past-time), I had to transfer the finished stocking off his needle so that he could wade on with his bookmark series. (He's doing so well. I haven't had time to show him how to do a proper increase, so he's just mucking about and trying to discover one on his own. I'm so proud of him.)

I've spent the entire afternoon unpacking, sorting, washing and neatening. Now that Blake is in bed, I've finally had the leisure to cast off the g.d. stocking. So many transfers from needle to needle, making due, not giving up on the second stocking, and I finially get a break. You can't imagine the relief.

* Oh, yeah. I taught the Boy to knit this week. In his own words, "the knitting is one of the things that has made this trip fantastic." More on this when my journal entries are transcribed. Also, more on the most excellent Lucy Neatby yarn (Celestial "Sugar Maple") I bought in Halifax, and what it might be come fall. Although it doesn't smell great like the Seasilk, I think I just might love it more.

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