June 12, 2006
harlotty things

I am a secret fan of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Some things to confess:

  1. I read her blog and lurk, only posting a comment if yarn or a book is a prize. I requested her first book through the local library and they bought it instead of borrowing it, which makes me feel awfully cool. I read it three times before I returned it.
  2. I got up early two Saturdays ago to listen to Stephanie on Fresh Air, even though it was early on Saturday and she was interviewed by the odious Karen Horseman (whose smug Ferberizing parenting columns on Metro Morning I abhor with every granola-crunchy fibre in my body). I sat on the couch and knit a Dulaan project. I even knew some of the answers before she gave them.
  3. Although it is a Wednesday, and therefore a School Night, I just may go to her birthday party/book launch at Lettuce Knit. (If I get all my marking done.) And I'll blog about it in a self-satisfied way, because I think it will be quite the event.
  4. Yesterday I was awarded a book gift certificate for my 18 gruelling spiritually satisfying months as a Sunday School Superintendent. (Oooh, that reminds me: I'd better get a picture of the big sign before they scrape my name off for good.) Instead of spending it on something morally edifying, I bought Knitting Rules! so that I'm ready for Wednesday. (This is grimly appropriate, as I spend most of my time during the weekly sermon thinking about my knitting projects.) I also bought a small Munch book for Blake with no knitting in it whatsoever. (Unlike, say, Goodnight Moon or Anne of Green Gables in which Marilla knits in almost every scene.)

Blake deserves a break; he's extraordinarily good natured with my stash, and has been known to spend some time sitting next to me while I knit, happy as a clam as long as he gets to hold the needle gauge and measure my yarn balls again and again. (He often mutters things like, "oooh, 21 1/2 inches" or "5 inches".) He's also been heard first thing in the morning, saying, "Mommy, it's time to start knitting." The love overwhelms.

I also have a new resolution. Thanks to all the duty knitting of the past month, I've started a new rule: at least one project has to be fun. Tonight I start the second piece of my Jumblie, with Jess Hutch's bunny pattern. Fun indeed!

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