April 05, 2006
headpiece filled with straw

They say that Earl of Rochester’s a bad whoring---

Shut thy mouth!

I’m just talking about the Earl of Rochester!

And I can appreciate it.

So, after a few days of saying, “it was good, I guess” about The Libertine, I went back to work on Monday and told everybody about it. I think it was the nose-rotted-out-by-syphilis part that I wanted to convey. It was also kind of interesting trying to convince my co-workers that Johnny Depp could get real ugly for a role. (Much like Dennis Leary’s summary of the Doors, you can summarize this movie as: I’m exiled & greasy, I’m in love & it burns when I pee, I’m exiled & rotting, I’m drunk & incontinent (& rotting), I’m rotting & Christian, I’m rotting and I’m fucking dead. How do you like me now?)

The rest of this week has been a grim endurance test, thanks to the mofo time change (shut your mouth! (Hey, we can do this all day!)). On Monday I staggered into work after that exhaust-o-matic weekend to a full day of Professional Development, capped off by a two-hour staff meeting. This has pretty much set the tone for the week: April is the sleepiest month, breeding / the hope of naps out of an overcrowded schedule. I’m afraid I won’t be better until Easter.

The odd thing is that every once in awhile I still manage to tear off a good lesson by the skin of my teeth. Today I was reading chapter 3 of Catcher in the Rye, and as I described the annoying Ackley I started to duplicate his behaviour as I read. I must have fidgeted with something on everyone’s desk by the time the chapter was over. Some kids were following me around with their eyes, laughing. Others wanted to know why I was being so irritating. Heh.

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