April 06, 2006
44: we'll make great socks!


I'm done my sockapaloooza socks! SQUEE!

Better pictures tomorrow, when I can get some natural light instead of this ghastly basement stuff.


Blake has the only hooves in the house small enough to fit these lady-like socks. On him they look like chaps.

Enormous socks, with land speeder for scale.

Man, these socks made me work. I started out with DGB Confetti in the Falling Leaves pattern, but ditched the lace when it became apparent that I was juggling too many design elements. I didn't check gauge until I was done the first foot. Riiiiiip! Did I mention that I had to rip back that first doomed heel and re-turn, only so that my sister could reduce the whole thing to a pile of kinky string the next weekend? Yeah.

I started again with 4 fewer stitches, and it was a beautiful thing. I knit in every PD session I attended in February and March, slowing down when my principal told me that she didn't like me to knit when we were out at a session. "It was like [I] was playing a GameBoy." Bah. Way to overestimate the complexity of knitting.

These socks know everything I know about literacy, and teaching reluctant late bloomers to read. I also marked and knit, so these socks know all about the journal entries my classes did this semester. I have knit them around so many people that there is a whole crew to say goodbye to this pair.

I'll miss them when they're gone.

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