June 23, 2009
oh, elgar. where are you when i need you?

I'm finding it incredibly hard to focus this week. Good thing all of my real work is done, and I only have to worry about cleaning up and throwing away. I blame the light - when the sun doesn't set until after 9, it's hard to go to bed. Blake hasn't been sleeping well either, and we're all cranky in the morning. I can't wait until I can adjust everyone's wakeup time to "whenever the hell".

Blake graduated from kindergarten yesterday. As a professional cynic and misanthrope, I should be suspicious of such celebrations of non-events...but I have to say, it was awesome. The whole class participated, including the kids who would be staying in the class for another year (kids currently in what we used to call Junior Kindergarten). Blake has been practicing his songs all week, in between singing random Apostle of Hustle hooks. I've decided that it doesn't get any better than little kid performance art, especially when your child is cast as the Doctor in "Five Little Monkeys." I had no idea he was in pre-med!

Pictures to come, as soon as my camera/computer stop ignoring each other. I love my cam, but honestly...the little point and shoot was way less aggro than this little prima donna. I've got a slide show to produce! I've got downloads of "Pomp & Circumstance" to employ! Gimme my damn pictures, technology.

- medium large

The other cool thing about yesterday was that I started a new session of ATS with Valizan. It's still a fuck of a long way away for a dance class, but at least I get to drive in the daylight instead of hurling through the cold & snow & utter darkness of downtown Oakville. Also, Keeral and Jessamyn are taking the course, so I'm already having fun. I knew about Jess, but Keeral was a fun surprise. Soon my troupe will, once again, comprise more than half the class. We are herd.

This is the first proper dance class or, really, exercise session I've done since the Troubles this spring (yoga doesn't count). Hopefully this will do something to combat both my incredible lethargy and my passionate love for high quality cheeses and beer. At the very least, I can feel my shimmy coming back. I'd missed it.

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