May 11, 2009
nothing a pair of scissors can't fix

I ♥ my new camera. We will be getting matching tattoos and having lots of babies.

evildoers, you face the tick




ch ch chick



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While I'm all about the love, I should say that the other new thing that stuck its claws into my brain, locked into my pleasure centre & shakes it these days is DIG! LAZARUS DIG!! Mason & I went to the concert last October, and even not knowing the new songs, I remember being surprised by how much it all rocked. I can take or leave the ballads he does; some are brilliant and some put me to sleep, and judging from the concerts I've been to since the late 90's, I'd expected this concert to have a healthy dose of quiet piano work.

This album is loud and frenetic and wild. He does things with his vocals that I haven't heard since the early Bad Seeds, or the Birthday Party. Every song on that disc is a different soundtrack to fuel my supercool daydreams in which I drive really fast, lay waste to hearts, smoke unfiltered cigarettes and never have to stop to do laundry for a small boy who finds it more convenient to use his shirt than find a napkin. Each song is a different flavour of manic, overlain with the threat of crushing sadness.

Despite the smoking hotness of "Let Love In" era Cave, I think I even prefer watching balding, mustachioed "Lazarus" Cave. He's putting out the best music of his life, he still dances like a spaz, and he's funnier than ever. I never dreamed there was an album like this left in him.

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