May 27, 2009
aaand another sick day. beautiful.

Another sick day. This has been quite the year for staying at home, wrapping myself in sweaters and seeing how long I can go without combing my hair. I've been feeling crummy since Sunday, but I'd decided to attribute it to allergies. I wasn't sure how that worked exactly, since I wasn't exposed to anything that I know is a trigger, but I'm starting to suspect that I've developed some undiagnosed greenery sensitivities that kick in around spring, so it was easy to ignore. I mean, I was on a heavy schedule of cake-eating and party-hat wearing; I fully expected to feel turned inside out by the end of it. (Taking 3 tabs of 24-hour Claritin probably didn't help, either.)

On Monday, when I couldn't think straight, I was willing to admit that I had a cold. Yesterday, when I couldn't think straight and I had a weak little cough and walking any distance exhausted me and made my head pound, I was willing to admit that I couldn't work through it.

Plus, I promised Teija, the other staff sponsor, that I wouldn't abandon her tomorrow. We have a barbecue, the first school dance in four years and the first ever student election tomorrow. Clearly, I need to be there.

So here I am, snuggled in my new shrug, with lips that could finish woodwork.

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