August 06, 2008
day 10: the other coast

Back in Vancouver. Although the Lawyer says with typical confidence that there’s not much to this city, that may be because he’s leaving this month. Granted, it doesn’t have the obvious, roll-over-and-beg-for-treats wonderfulness of Seattle, but it’s an excellent place when the sun is shining. Did the aquarium this morning – the perfect place for Blake. From his youngest days he’s loved fish tanks full of motion and colour. Now we get to dazzle him with slick otters, bellicose sea lions, showy dolphins, irritated sturgeon, and miniature frogs like a scattered handful of amphibious jewels.

We took a tourist trolley around in the morning so we could cover ground and kill time until the aquarium opened. It was a good introduction to the city, although there was some tension when Blake had to suddenly get off to use a bathroom. [redacted rant about my parents…again] I’ll be glad when I won’t have to dread Blake’s misbehaviour at yet another restaurant.

Anyway. Vancouver. Vancouver reminds me of Mason, or it’s the kind of place I want to be with Mason. I constantly dream of the Boy and wake up irritated. I feel like I can’t clean the slate in my mind.

Saw the Lawyer this afternoon. Typical Lawyer; he dropped two big bombs within minutes of getting me into his car. He’s moving back to Toronto this month, and his wife won’t need a job because she’ll be raising their baby come December. Now I need to knit a layette. I’m inordinately excited.

My God, I miss home. I miss my bed. I miss my kitchen. I miss my garden. I miss Mason. I miss the phone that never rings and my stereo and my pictures. (I didn’t bring any music on this trip, grudging the luggage space. This is the first time since I was a preteen that I’ve traveled without a protective bubble of melody.)

This time I’ve just had to write comes to me courtesy of Javina, who is a bit late for our meet up. I’m excited, but I never know what to expect. I hope I can bring good news back to Toronto. And with that, I run out of space in this DiDi journal. Eeek.


Yes, all is well with Javina. She’s healthy and happy and I’m so glad to see it. Of all my long-distance friends, she’s the one I worry about the most. But not only is she thriving in paradise, she’s crocheting. I got to take home an octopus, which tickles me immensely.

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