July 30, 2008
day 3, historical recreation

We took a wrong turn yesterday after the hoodoos and drove all afternoon. Boring & painful, what with my parents flaring up unpredictably in anger and frustration. Dinner at a friendly but really sketchy Hungarian dive that took too long to find, especially when Blake’s soup was freshly hydrated from the pouch. (Not that serving Lipton’s finest in a restaurant is ever justified.) The one bright spot in a very grumpy night was my Mom’s name song on the stereo. Not enough.

After supper, my parents crossed the river to drop me at the local knit night. I felt like a traveler in ancient times, bringing greetings from far away and beseeching welcome. That, and I had a shameful desire to trade on my famous Toronto knitters’ acquaintance. But I didn’t. I just talked about normal things and helped them drink their wine. My camera is unhappy, so no proof, although I can report that it was a doggier knit night than any I’ve seen, with almost half a dozen canines milling around respectfully. Make 1 is a wonderfully big place, something Blake commented on right away. (He immediately pronounced this store “much better than Lettuce Knit!” by which I’m sure he meant much bigger. LYS loyalty is important.) It was exactly the right amount of familiar yarning and comforting company to take the edge off a half day spent in the back seat, skimming through rural Alberta.

[edited to redact several paragraphs complaining about my parents]

Today was pretty good, despite the occasionally disagreeable exchanges between us all. We visited Heritage Park and spent the morning walking around recreation homes, stores, farms, etc. The best part was the “drama”, a police procedural that involved dozens of day camp kids (and my Blake) on a long search. The actors were fun, though not always convincing as you could feel their laughter bubbling under the surface. Maybe that was the best part – that they didn’t demand I take anything seriously.

I need to go back in full period fig, wander around and confuse staff and visitors alike.

After a long nap (Blake) and an early and underwhelming dinner at Saltlik, we went up the Calgary Tower, which was memorable only for the highest game of I Spy I’ve ever played.

Right now Blake is watching a DVD, I’m writing, Dad is net surfing and Mom is sorting through her itinerary. Peace, at last.


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