July 28, 2008
day 1 - Calgary

Been traveling all day. Got up earlier than average in this Summer of Sloth, and ran around frantically in various states of undress, trying to pack it all up. Today is garbage day, so I also had to get it all to the curb before we left or face the wrath of my dad. I’m probably the only homeowner in the area whose dad makes someone else go out of his way to return the cans to my yard rather than letting the garbage sit for 2 weeks. Maybe the plan was just to give Nic something to do while my parents were gone – something other than bong hits in the living room, I mean.

At any rate, even though I ate breakfast in handfuls from the cereal box, I was clean and ready to go by the departure time. Of course, my parents were 20 minutes late, but at least I could feel holier than they…and I had a chance to say goodbye to my gardens.

Our plan ride was relatively uneventful: Blake was entertained by the video screens and tool a long nap. I wound up a ball of yarn and crocheted the hell out of a cute summer top. Life is good.

When we hit town, we went out to a Chinese food restaurant that overcame my dad’s fear of weird spices. I begged off the post-dinner trip to Lake Louise, as my back is aching and I want to wake up happy tomorrow. Three plus hours in a back seat this late in the day just isn’t appealing for some reason. And yet, now that I have the evening and the city to myself, I’m more than tempted to make a secret foray to Make 1 Yarn Studios. It may not be Casual Darts, but it just may be yarntastic.

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