June 12, 2008
happiness is slavery

Ugh. I am in a shit mood right now. The end of the year always hits me like an emotional tonne of bricks. I always feel like I’ve let all of my students down. They are always more than happy to blame me for their marks, lack of attendance, personal problems, etc. I have felt like shit since the moment that one of my students, in trying to guess my ethnicity, said, “she’s not Swedish. Swedish girls are sexy.”

The problem with that statement is that any way you slice it, including a retraction, it’s either creepy or insulting.

In an effort to boost my mood, I’m trying to make a list of Good Things That Happened Today. If that doesn’t work, I’ll expand my time limits.

  1. only one teaching day left, and if it doesn’t rain, I’ll be spending it outside next to a gladiator ring, wearing my World’s Worst Teacher shirt.
  2. I bought Mill Street Tankhouse Ale on the way home, smoothing my evening with a single craft-brewed beer.
  3. tonight is the lowest stress meal ever: breakfast for dinner night. Yay!
  4. after supper, I’m going out to buy 2 ½ yards of fabric and an inflatable pool. Don’t you want to be invited to my parties now?
  5. usually Blake does the occasional overnight at Camp Grampa (as much his idea as mine), but as of today Blake is staying with me for the next uninterrupted week. Uninterrupted! Week!
  6. this weekend’s going to be awesome.
  7. next weekend may involve Drunken Knitting, retro goth dancing and a going-away party for two of the city’s “most beloved chefs.” I only met one last Saturday and I already love her.
  8. last night I danced for 2 hours and became the Belly Dance Secretary. Her shimmies are entered into the minutes!
  9. my credit card bill for this month was $700 less than it was last month. (There are a couple charges going through soon, including the dinner where I met the chef of #7. Yummmy.)
  10. I am two arms into a Cthrocheted Cthulu. Eee!
  11. hugs and kisses are mere hours away, waiting in my friends and in the future for our next meeting.

Is good.

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