June 20, 2007
devil went down to prep room

In case anyone is wondering, the work situation has improved immensely. I'm at the point where I don't even get a panic attack when She walks in the room, let alone when I contemplate entering my prep room. Part of it was being tired of Poppy's sensible advice and just going upstairs like I had every right to sit at my own desk (that was Friday). And part of it was this guy:

I picked him up on Saturday morning during an insanely fun shopping trip to Yonge & Lawrence (purchased: this guy, 2 of his friends, 2 issues of the Buffy Season 8 series, the last ball of yarn I need to make a kicky wrap, an orange & cream drink from *$, and 150g of the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. I went home singing.) His duty is to guard me from conflict in the workplace, and so far he has done a bang-up job. I wear him on my lanyard, and he jingles. Also, his pitchfork twirls in his little cotton string hands. I love him so much.

And now, since I'm inexplicably tired as all get out, here are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy!

my favourite twins ever

blake solemnly washes his hands at sarah & leo's

everybody loves amber

amber + hestia = bff

knock knock! who's there? dishes! dishes who? dishes you mother, taking another picture of boys doing chores

blake on moving day, happily photographing himself in his underwear.
note proximity to witch puppet & vhs copy of "The Crow"

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*