June 13, 2007
made of win

I'm published!!!!! (Or, as Lisa likes to put it, I'm made of win. Which is a nice thing to be made of, and much better than being made of stalemate.)

The last few days have been extremely distracting for one of my limited attention span, and the moments not dedicated to end-of-term schoolwork have been squandered in basking. I'm basking right now. Bask.

Anyhoo, you can read the whole story on my other blog, or you can wait while I calm down. Like the phone connection in my house, which calmed down for 36 hours yesterday due to an unspecified number of squirrels eating through the wires. Yep, those were some nice 36 hours. It's such a good thing when your moment of triumph, located solely on the Internet, is denied you because of some goshdarn tree rats. Yes, sir.

There's only one thing a knitter can do at a time like this: strut.

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