April 02, 2006
43: captain's cozy

A quick knit, out of Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton this time (very New World) and with much larger needles than the pattern called for (and I still can't get gauge!) This knit up in a couple of days, and even the finishing was quick. It's kinda short though. Next time I'll just have to knit it taller.

and again i say: yaaar.

As this was for Dirk's birthday, the wine bottle contained a message from a shipwrecked person enjoining him to keep her appointment for knitting lessons. "Please show this note to the propriatress, and she will equip you with materials to make a Handsome Scarf." Sometimes I impress even myself. (Although I have to give most of the credit to Lettuce Knit, who let me buy a gift certificate over the phone.)

I must also note that this was the second plan for Dirk's birthday. When he saw Stacy's cozy, he asked me to give the pattern to his roommate. And as a jealous knitter, this was something up with which I would not put. Also, it got me off the hook of knitting a million socks this spring.

Better pictures when Dirk deigns to share his photos from his birthday high tea and the presentation ceremony.

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