August 13, 2009

I spent all day helping to assemble useful Things. One is a bookshelf for Blake's closet that will allow me to get all of his books and magazines off tables, nightstands and high shelves; also, I can move his board books to a different location altogether.

The other shelving unit was for the kitchen. I had an idea that I'd put up a corner unit that would hold my cookbooks, but what I took home from Ikea turned out to be only big enough for trade paperbacks. Fail. So I filled it in with a small cookbook, a food memoir, a weight loss memoir, a biography of a food writer, etc. It was so much less satisfying than I thought it would be, and yet I probably created a good home for the goldfish I plan to buy at the end of the summer.

annotated bookshelf

Mason installed his magnetic knife strip on the cupboard so that the big deadly knives can get out of the drawer. And then we put up rod holders so that I can have curtains in my bedroom. They'll be hemmed quite short to accommodate the bed directly below the window, but in the summer I move across the room to free up the heater so I can have different, longer panels. I wonder if having two! two!! two!!! sets of curtains will be as exciting and fulfilling as I think it will be?

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