July 20, 2009
c'thulhu fhtagn, or something

Just woke up from a dream in which I was driving. Saw a parade that I wanted to join so I could find Dirk. I pulled over, parked hastily and walked with the parade until it dispersed. Never did find Dirk, and by the time my dad picked me up, I realized that I had lost my car.

Yup, it's summertime: the time of my writing when I have the time, the leisure and the inclination to report on my inscrutable dreams. Aren't we all lucky. At least it's a break from Broken Social Scene fandom—honestly, it's like I've joined a cult.

Today we walked to the library and had lunch at the mall. I think the idea was planted in my head when I was doing some random reading about the city and discovered that those two buildings used to be joined by a tunnel. A tunnel! It's been closed for a number of years due to "safety reasons," which we all know is code for some horrible murderous scandal that's being hushed up at the highest levels of civic government.

What's in that tunnel? The bodies of rival candidates? Poorly-worded street signs that somehow encouraged street racing? Dead remains of sentient monster flowers that are the true reason behind the city's nickname and wait dreaming in R'lyeh (a.k.a. the basement of the City Centre)? I feel like the only thing that will answer my burning question is an irresponsible shenanigan. I'd better time it so that I'll be out of jail when Blake comes home.

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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*