March 05, 2009
nope. not me.

Last night four of my troupe were standing around in my kitchen, drinking tea and chatting before we started to practice our newest choreography. Juuki and Jessamyn linked arms, and one asked the other if they would tell them. I immediately began to wildly speculate. Jess took a deep breath.

"I'm not pregnant, but the person on my right is."

Immediately I hear thumping feet, as Mason runs in from the livingroom. "Calm down," I hollered. "I'm nowhere near her."

Later, when we were slow-dancing in my study to Patsy Cline, I thought back to this moment and giggled. "You were in a huge panic to see who it was." He grinned.

"'Somebody next to me is pregnant'? I didn't know Jess had that kind of power."

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