August 25, 2007
i refuse to call it 'back to school shopping'

I'm living in the middle of a dry-goods hurricane. Tuesday we signed up Blake for school and bought his uniform. Wednesday the Rocketfamily went Downtown for some organics & ribbon & shoe shopping, adding two pairs of Fluevogs to an already Fluevog-blessed household. Thursday my mother & Blake & I went to visit with my grandparents, who found a set of Buzz Lightyear wall decals for him. We finished off our trip to the corridor with a stop at the local Ikea, where I bought a mirror, several kinds of boxes and some kitchen goods. Today the Boy & I braved the gauntlet at the local mall and bought underwear, a belt, pantyhose, pj's, preschooler pants, spare neutrals with which to swap out Blake's uniform, a Thomas satchel, Diego shoes, and tonnes of socks for all three of us. This, combined with anniversary gifts and enabled by sudden fits of weariness, has turned my living room into a disaster. I know I could get it all cleaned up in 10 minutes, but I almost like the feeling of accomplishment in seeing all of this school clothing put in the same place. At least I know that Blake, while he may be emotionally at sea, will have smart navy socks whilst flailing for purchase.

As soon as I get my laundry tags, I can begin phase 2: The Labelling.

It's been a pretty busy, muggy week. After the chilliness of the weekend, humidity came calling and is still hanging around. Consequently, I'm sleeping poorly – because it's not enough that I should be bothered about Blake's school, the paranoia of Bad Monkeys and the threat of octopuses; apparently I must also be plagued by humidity, which breeds poor sleep and terrible dreams.

Other than the constant headache, it's been a pretty good time. My mom has defeated my gloomy predictions and fully supported us on the school decision, which is a tremendous relief. I'm already questioning myself without having that voice externalized. My visit with my grandparents was a rare good-humoured one, with few moments of trouble and a few interesting discoveries (I love it when my Grandmother whips out the old, mended cookbook – like Kate Bush, I just know that something good is gonna happen.) Ikea was fun, as it always is, and I'm almost at the point in which everything I own is sorted into shelf and closet boxes. (Must – stop – buying – boxes – and – baskets!!) Today's trip to the mall sucked, but I didn't expect it to rock, and we got everything we'd come out for. Now that I have a backup set of uniform clothes, I can be prepared for the Chocolate Contingencies that pepper Blake's life.

And with all of this middle-class middle-brow mom stuff rippling through my mind, is there any wonder that I stayed far away from Alexi's gig last night? I can't imagine any scenario that would have been positive, save the one in which I am insulated by my remaining friends. Nobody needs to be my body armour, not when I posses the amazing power of Staying Home on a Friday Night and Watching Cartoons with the Kid.

i <3 ny

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