August 23, 2007
96: 9-patch dishcloth of left-over love

Thanks to the gals at MDK, I was so deeply smitten with the ballband washcloths that I tried the 9-patch as well. It's definitely my weirdest washcloth, but very beautiful. I very slowly worked away at the ends for awhile, forgot about it for a few months when I moved, then finished it in a burst. What can I say: with no deadline, I'm lazy.

It's made up of leftovers from all over: turquoise cotton bought for Stacy's cellphone cozy, white cotton bought (but not used) for the Henry Rollins doll, variegated cotton from the Boy's "I will only buy yarn for 3 dollars or less" knitting phase and what remains of the green cotton for Pixie's pixie hat. It's rather lovely.

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