August 28, 2006
the old me

The crud is receding, so I'm back to my regularly scheduled late summer anxiety festival. My mom had a pool party for her nursing school friends today, so I was pretty distracted what with keeping 5 kids from drowning.

(Why was I the only adult in the pool? You mean, besides the fact that when three nurses get together the talk quickly turns to shunts and med follies? There's a lot you don't want to know about your hospital staff, trust me. I felt better in the pool, even if it meant that I had two preschoolers clinging to me like nervous monkeys.)

It was also a chance to catch up with my Flower Child, who has used the last 6 years to grow into quite the young woman. She'll be ten in a few weeks and if she lived closer, I would hire her to babysit Blake. Yes, she's that good. In fact, I kind of wish she'd been around to be my friend at age 9, although I'm afraid that she's a little too cool. You think I'm socially impaired now? I'm just glad no one is able to timetravel to 1985 and check up on the old me.

Speaking of the Old Me, my 30 years of Tea and Biscuits went quite well. I was horribly, nail-bitingly anxious for weeks: first there was a date change, then a time change, then a guest list change, then a payment change. It all seemed a little...DOOMED. If worrying was a sport, I could have competed on the international circuit.

But then, with no fanfare and no hassle, it all unfolded beautifully. Everyone was there, and tho' we had to colonize an extra table, the colony very much wanted to be in the comfy fireside chairs, so that was all right. As is usual for me when I do these events, there are so many of my favourite people in one place that I overload a little and stop recording memories sequentially. So, here’s what I remember in no particular order:

I am lucky to have these people in my life. Happy tea day to all, and to all, a good tea.

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