August 13, 2006
no firefly could be lonely with blake around

I think Blake's dancing on the line between amazing feats of toddler concentration and batshit obsessiveness. He's consumed by thoughts about "The Very Lonely Firefly," which he encountered at K8r's house. I showed him the box set more than a year ago, hoping to distract him with familiar art (we own "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"). I wish I could go back in time and cut out my tongue.

At first I thought that the fixation on the Firefly was mostly due to its location, i.e. in a fun place with a fun toddler. Now I'm not so sure why we have to talk about this several times a day, only that it appears we must. Yesterday I lost my cool and tried to ban the topic of conversation, but it didn't go over well. Blake's face crumpled and he started to wail. My heart broke; I started crying; and when I had some control I promised not to be mean anymore. This is where we are now.

I talked to Rachel H. on Wednesday, who told me that her 4-year-old son is obsessed with Cars, and wants to continually talk about character motivations and possible outcomes. So, I guess this is what passes for normal.

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