August 20, 2006
blakes on a plane

I feel like I’m losing my mind. VBS starts tomorrow morning, which means that my summer is basically over. Not to mention that I’m about to sacrifice the week to running a camp for kids I don’t usually like. Gar. Never again.

Blake’s been coping well with my distraction. He’s learned how to recite books to himself, and he spent portions of today “reading” books on his own. It’s awesome to hear him come out with huge passages of The Lorax when he’s all by himself in a room. I asked him if he wanted to come watch some educational tv, and he said, “no, I’d like to read.”

Turns out he had gotten into the diaper cream and was coating both hands with the stuff, but it was still a good line.

Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary, and the reason for much celebration. In honour of our life vows, we sanctified the day by seeing Snakes on a Plane and sharing a pitcher at the Fox & Firkin. Hee! That movie was so goddamn crazy that I giggled for a half-hour after we left the theatre. So! Six great things about the Boy:

  1. 8 times out of 10, he gets up with Blake and lets me sleep in as late as I want. When I finally wake up, he’s usually as cheerful as I despite the extra early hours of childcare.
  2. He encourages my knitting. He buys me good books on the topic, never tells me I have too much yarn, and learned to knit so that he could understand the thrill of it all.
  3. He likes to play. So we laugh a lot, and very few others understand the complex web of references and in-jokes we have accreted like coral.
  4. He’s a decent cook and his tidying skills have improved with age. He still leaves wet towels on the bed, but he’s sorry and he’s learning.
  5. He’s an excellent, intuitive musician. He can play just about anything, and plays requests.
  6. He loves, admires and cherishes Blake as much as I do. Not many can say this.

I love him.

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