February 15, 2009
beating like a hammer

"If I stumble, they're gonna eat me alive…" – metric

I'm having one of those claustrophobic weekends I used to have so often when the Boy was here. I would drag myself through the work week, cutting corners wherever I could, and surface into the weekend still tired and suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of chores facing me. Then I'd get frustrated and cranky and look for big solutions.

The state of my living room alone made me crazy this afternoon, but it all worked out. Blake and Mason & I spent 4 songs* cleaning up, and there is significantly less crap tumbling across the wood floors and clogging up the couch. I've hung a few more beautiful pictures in my bedroom, although not where I'd wanted to (stupid concrete dividing wall). I've even figured out the steps I need to take to finally use the orange paint I bought two summers ago.

Step 1: clean up study and get rid of newspaper clippings I've been moving from place to place since teacher's college.
Step 2: paint it orange.
Step 3: move my sewing machine onto the spare desk.
Step 4: use this sewing machine to make excellent fruity curtains.
Step 5: Hang said curtains.
Step 6: ??
Step 7: Profit.

Whenever my own life makes me claustrophobic, I turn to interior decorating.

* A song is an excellent unit of chore measurement.

And no, it wasn't VD that made me freak out. My VD was fine, thanks for asking. We made it out to the Drunken Knitters the night before, where I managed to finish Blake's knight helmet and two heart ornaments (one of which I lost in Fresh Collective the following day, but let's not judge.) The day itself was mainly taken up with errands in town: Blake's first trip to Wychwood market and subsequent cupcakes, picking up Blake's awesome new sweater and splurging on a gorgeous winter dress for me, purchasing sandwiches in the Distillery District, and home for a late lunch before Mason began the elaborate VD supper.

It's not just that I love him, and that being with him makes me happy; he also puts on a good meal. It was like a Christmas log cake, only with steak instead of cake and mushroom stuffing instead of icing. Plus, an apple-carrot-cabbage-pickled turnip coleslaw that I'm still thinking about today. After dinner, I made lowfat brownies ('cause that's how I roll) and Blake licked the bowl. It was a good day for us all.

I'm just tired. Thank heaven for Family Day. I get to spend an afternoon marking, which sounds sucky but will greatly improve my return to work. Guilt does nothing for my complexion.

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