January 13, 2010
blake's metamorphosis

"And Lily was being chased by you—I was, like, "ahhh! Ahhhh!"

"I kept running 'round in my bed and a beetle bit me. And then I turned into a beetle and then you walked to me and put one arm around me and another arm around me and snuggled me. And then everyone in the house turned into a beetle."

How did you know I was a beetle?

"I didn't know until I turned into a beetle myself!"

"You snuggled me and then I knew."

"That dream was about you dying and being born again and you broke and Mason said 'ah, I can cook that and we can have it for dinner tonight.' I was, like, 'no no no no no! Something is happening.' And then you formed again."

lily will be able to defend herself against the beetles.

Lily will be able to defend herself against the beetles.

"Ahh! The beetles are US!"

[Ed. note: until today, I've been carrying this dream in my hip pocket, using it to strengthen myself against the rigors of term's end. Time to share.]

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